• 8 questions to ask your bank: article by Sam Laird exploring questions to consider when thinking about your banks environmental impact.
  • The environmental crisis for trustees – Blog by Lily Meisner (New Philanthropy Capital) explaining how trustees can take action to help their charities realise their environmental responsibility, even if they do not have an overtly environmental mission.
  • ShareAction Individuals Resources Hub: information about how shareholdings and pension savings can be used to hold companies to account on how they use your money.

Acting on the Climate Crisis – Why, How and the Role of Philanthropy: A resource pack for funders:  Resource containing a lot more information pertaining to climate change, climate philanthropy and all the commitment headings.

"The environment is humanity’s life support. Yet the human systems we have collectively established—economic, industrial, even political—are changing our climate, endangering our fellow species, and diminishing our health and wellbeing. Whatever causes you care about and already fund will undoubtedly be impacted by climate change."
Joint statement, 14 environmental funders.