Privacy Policy

The Individual Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is a derivation of the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change hosted by WINGS, which was itself based on the UK Funder Commitment on Climate Change, the first commitment of this kind. The UK Funder Commitment is hosted by the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF).

The Individual Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change is hosted by The Beacon Collaborative with support from Environmental Funders Network.

Use of your data

By signing the IPCCC, The Beacon Collaborative will collect certain data from you. Please note that the exclusive purposes of collecting this information are:

  1. to add you as a signatory to the Individual Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change,

  2. to contact you and keep you up to date with the Donors For Climate campaign and its progress,

  3. to contact you in 2022 and thereafter in relation to completing the Donors For Climate survey which is attached to this campaign.

By signing the IPCCC, you consent to appear as a public signatory on the website unless you select to anonymise your signature.

For the purposes of tracking the progress of the survey and pledge, we may share your data with Savanta and the Environmental Funders Network. If this is done, this privacy policy will remain in effect and their use of the data will be in accordance with it. We will only share data with these parties strictly for the purposes of monitoring the Donors For Climate campaign. We will not sell or share your data to any other third parties.

The Donors For Climate campaign is being hosted by Beacon Collaborative. You may request the deletion of your data at any point by emailing us at

If you are not satisfied with how we are processing your personal data, you can raise a concern with the Information Commissioner.